PEP-CaST: PEP’s Proprietary Carbon Screening Tool

Introducing PEP’s proprietary screening model for carbon capture development.

Pickering Energy Partners is thrilled to announce the development of our proprietary (Ca)rbon Screening Tool (PEP-CaST) for enhanced analysis of carbon capture deployment. 45Q carbon incentives, introduced last year to support the development of carbon capture, utilization, and storage projects, have significantly influenced project economics across various industry sectors. Despite the ongoing advancement of the CCUS market, considerable uncertainties persist regarding the large-scale implementation of standard and innovative carbon capture technologies.

Every industry emitter has different process units with unique emissions that play a vital role in determining the initial costs and ongoing operational expenses of capture equipment. It is imperative to employ robust models that comprehensively account for crucial economies of scale in each sector. Given the unique position of early adopters in the CCUS space, a tailored analysis of potential carbon emission source providers is essential at the facility level.  

PEP therefore undertook the development of PEP-CaST, which offers a comprehensive analysis of vital project considerations and market dynamics. This tool aims to maximize project returns and minimize project uncertainty, thereby empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and better respond to changes in the CCUS landscape.

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