PEP has deployed over $15.5 billion in capital across all energy subsectors and tracked over 200 energy firms in the investment universe. Our team has over 150 years of combined knowledge, expertise, and experience inside the world of technology, energy, mobility. Our connections span the entire energy landscape and integrate learnings from the perspectives of investors, analysts, consultants, and advisors. At PEP, we’re Inside Energy.

Our PEP Insights team examines the past, current, and future landscapes of technology, energy, and mobility to create strategic reports and models. Get inside our heads and gain access to our learnings and data. Contact us today to subscribe to Inside Insights.

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Pickering Energy Partners, Heikkinen Energy Advisors Merge to Form PEP Insights

New partnership brings enhanced capabilities and insights to PEP’s energy-focused financial services expertise

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The Rise of the EV

The demand for electric vehicles is growing, so what does this mean for traditional gas-powered vehicles? Read more about the future of driving and this evolving landscape from PEP Insights.

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Are We in An Energy Transition?

Today, we’re improving, expanding, and redefining the way that we power our world through energy. Our ever-evolving relationship with energy spans millions of years and our society will always look for ways to maximize resources and energy outputs.

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Monthly Commentary from Dan Pickering – August 2021

Read all of the insights from Dan’s most recent monthly commentary on the energy market.

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