Pickering Energy Partners hosts in-person and virtual conferences, events, and roundtables throughout the year to bring together the industry’s leading innovators and investors in technology, energy, and mobility.

Experience industry-leading events that redefine what energy is and what energy can become.

PEP Energy Conference (formerly TE&MFest) is Pickering Energy Partners’ landmark energy conference where new and traditional energy meet. This in-person conference will provide an insightful, comprehensive view of thought leadership from across the energy landscape. In addition to leading-edge panel discussions, institutional clients will enjoy a full day of meetings with management teams from both new and traditional energy companies.

A PEP Rally is a thematic closed-door forum for clients and key constituents.

PEP Connect is a series of small forums with investors to discuss topical events in the energy market.

PEP Talks are thematic webinars for clients and key constituents.


Upcoming Events