How the Impending Regulatory Overhaul in the Financial Sector Adversely Impacts the Energy Space

Amid the changing ESG landscape, hydrocarbon industries face anti-fossil fuel pressures via shareholder activism, regulations, and insurance changes.

Our analysis of shareholder activism activity within the Financial sector underscores three significant developments that our energy clients should be aware of and strategically address immediately:

1. There is growing pressure from shareholder activists within the Financial sector, including index funds, to restrict banking access to the hydrocarbon industries.

2. These continual attempts coincide with efforts from the Federal Reserve and Department of the Treasury to permanently implement ESG-related mandates within banking regulations.

3. Attempts to implement anti-fossil fuel measures in the banking industry have bled into the regulatory infrastructure for insurance, particularly with the efforts displayed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Based on these recent trends, the Energy sector must engage more aggressively and efficiently in the data wars. This includes positioning individual companies to showcase comparable trending material data. Given this market need, PEP ESG will announce some incredibly exciting news on September 5th. Please review our piece highlighting how the regulatory market is adversely impacting access to capital for hydrocarbon businesses.

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