PEP's Consulting team works alongside our clients to address the critical challenges businesses face to ensure that the company is making confident decisions, mitigating risk, and connecting to strategic capital.

Strategic Consulting

PEP's Consulting team works with clients across the energy industry to answer the most pressing questions facing their businesses. The PEP Strategic Consulting team focuses on three main areas: transaction support, corporate strategy, and commercialization strategy.

Transaction Support

Partner with leading financial services and corporate clients to provide commercial due diligence on energy and infrastructure transactions across the entire value chain.

Corporate Strategy

Work with clients to position their businesses for growth, considering the ever-evolving energy landscape.

Commercialization Strategy

Support entrepreneurs to commercialize innovative businesses and technologies across traditional and new sources of energy.

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ESG Consulting

Our team works with public & private companies, asset managers, insurance companies, and capital-intensive trade associations to improve and enhance ESG disclosure. We take a data-centric approach aimed at assisting companies implement ESG strategies focused on broadening access to the highest quality pools of capital within the debt, equity, and insurance markets.

Public Company

Our consultative partnership encompasses a range of data-focused consultative projects depending on the complexity of the client and their short-, medium-,and long-term goals.Typically, this involves an in-depth, interview-driven materiality assessment, a peer gap analysis to identify areas of risk and opportunity relative to industry peers, ratings management (CDP,MSCI Sustainalytics, etc), ESG Mutual Fund and ETF fund flow analysis, board presentations, and comprehensive advisory services for completing a Corporate Sustainability Report. We pride ourselves on a bottom-up, customized approach to all our work given the intimate nuances to each company’s strategic position within the market.

Private Company

Our goal with private companies is to establish a foundational starting point through a series of interviews with key internal stakeholders and peer benchmarking to understand the “state of the state.” Our work with private companies centers on gathering and analyzing company and peer data, and subsequently building a data warehouse along with standardized questionnaire frameworks to guide the engagement. We partner with private companies to position them for accessing financing at a lower cost, preparing for a potential acquisition unhindered by ESG data & disclosure.   We also assist in helping prepare companies for the public markets and an IPO if that is the strategic direction they want to pursue.

Private Sponsor

PEP’s ESG Consulting team partners with Asset Managers to ensure comprehensive reporting not only at the GP level but also for independent LPs. LP’s can not only report “up” at the GP level, but also for their independent LP’s as well.  This involves direct engagement with their portfolio companies and internal & external stakeholders. PEP works closely to develop a disclosure program aligned with the most influential frameworks and standards while incorporating an educational and extensive data collection process throughout the engagement. The engagement is fully customizable according to the goals and objectives of the businesses, no matter what stage they are at in their ESG journey.

Public Asset Manager

PEP ESG works with public asset managers to understand their responsible investment philosophy as well as their overall emissions, human capital management, and governance structures of the aggregate portfolio.  This is executed through benchmarking exercises comparing individual portfolio companies against portfolio averages to identify potential risks and opportunities within the portfolio. Additionally, portfolio aggregates are benchmarked against influential indices to further assess performance.  PEP assists the asset manager in reporting and publishing a Sustainability report that is aligned with leading global frameworks such as ISSB and CSRD.

Cap-Intensive Trade Associations

PEP is a primary provider of ESG reporting software and educational material for global trade associations.  The goal of the partnership is to focus on enhancing disclosure capabilities for Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers within the value chain.  This, in turn, allows Tier 1 OEMs and energy focused organizations to scale and efficiently manage the emission profile of their entire supply chain.  PEP also offers real-time analytics, highlighting disclosure trends within the ESG landscape and providing historical performance and benchmarking capabilities for all partners.

Insurance Companies

PEP works closely with Insurance companies not only to better understand underwriting and regulatory updates, but we also partner with the insured organizations through our proprietary ESG reporting software.  Like the trade association model, the objective is to provide our partners with a secure and centralized repository to allow for seamless ESG data entry.  The platform, “Simple ESG,” is aligned and mapped to the SASB and GRI frameworks.  The ESG team is continually monitoring regulatory trends and frameworks that may warrant addition to the platform in future updates.

PEP Simple ESG™

The PEP team created PEP Simple ESG, a cloud-based software that simplifies ESG reporting, for companies ready to ditch the spreadsheets and adopt an easy, streamlined solution.

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Recent Engagements

Advised large energy-focused PE firm on ESG Strategy for the firm and all portfolio companies.

Assisted a specialized OFS company on the analysis and launch of a new product.

Partnered with a global PE firm to manage the diligence of a complicated asset.

Helped a single-family office review and value over $150M of diverse energy investments.

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