Our Team

Melanie Vujovich

Vice President

Melanie Vujovich is a Vice President at Pickering Energy Partners, bringing expertise in data analytics, regulatory disclosure, and investor engagement. Before PEP, she was an analyst on Nasdaq’s Strategic Capital Intelligence team, where her client base spanned multiple sectors, market caps, and countries. She collaborated closely with clients, enabling them to generate effective engagement strategies with generalist investors. 

She has built a suite of deliverables, including trading pattern assessments, ownership trends, and biotech-specific analyses. As an analyst on Nasdaq’s ESG Advisory Team, she not only worked with a range of clients, from newly listed IPOs to mega-cap companies but also served as a thought leader on a range of sustainability topics, publishing various thought leadership papers. Her role as a thought leader underscores her deep understanding and expertise in the field. 

At PEP, she supports public issuers, private companies, and asset managers in developing disclosures and outreach strategies that satisfy stakeholders' expectations. She holds the CFA ESG Investing Certification and GRI Professional Certification.


  • Create and implement risk-focused sustainability dashboards for public and private asset managers
  • Align portfolio companies with policies to understand sustainability-related vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Advise and implement a sustainability strategy for a leading energy service and infrastructure company
  • Identify and prioritize the missing or incomplete disclosures in the private upstream company's current sustainability profile that could negatively impact a potential buyer's assessment



  • CFA Institute Certification in ESG Investing (2022)
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Sustainability Professional (2022)