Pickering Energy Partners Insights

Pickering Energy Partners, Heikkinen Energy Advisors Merge to Form PEP Insights

New partnership brings enhanced capabilities and insights to PEP’s energy-focused financial services expertise HOUSTON – Pickering Energy Partners (PEP), a Houston-based energy financial services firm, today announced a merger with Heikkinen Energy Advisors (“Heikkinen”), an investment advisor providing high-quality insights across all sectors of the energy industry, including Exploration and Production, Oilfield Services, Midstream, Energy…
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Connecting the Dots: Breaking the ESG Code

“We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.” Alan Turing The pursuit of long-term capital can often feel like a continual attempt at deciphering a never-ending array of complex codes. Attracting incremental capital requires persistence, patience and managing a variety of ever-changing complicated variables.…
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What Do Rising Oil Prices Mean for Markets and Consumers?

Dan Pickering talks with Kelly Evans on the latest in oil prices.

The Rise of the EV

Have you ever thought about what the future of driving would look like? For generations we have wondered how transportation would evolve and what the next invention would bring. Well, the future is now, and electric vehicles are the new frontier. EVs are taking over the roads, and they are here to stay. What started…
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Oil Inches Toward a 3-Year High. What does this mean for the future of energy?

Dan Pickering talks with Kelly Evans about oil prices today and the future of energy.

Blueprinting the Successful Implementation of ESG Data & Frameworks

The complexity of the ESG landscape presents a variety of recent challenges, but effective and efficient execution can assist in attracting incremental capital, augment competitive differentiators, and allow a management team to regain control of the investment narrative. If a reasonable proxy for significant and impactful innovation can be derived from green patent production, then…
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Pickering Energy Partners Continues its Expansion into Energy Transition and ESG Consulting with New Hires

Daniel Romito, Rachel Racz and Ismail Hammami bring a combined 30+ years of expertise to PEP’s Consulting, ESG and Energy Transition business HOUSTON – Pickering Energy Partners (PEP), a Houston-based energy financial services firm, today announced the hiring of Dan Romito as a Partner, Consulting in the company’s Consulting business, Rachel Racz as a Director…
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Pickering Energy Partners Announces MERGE

Dan joins CNBC’s Kelly Evans to discuss PEP’s newly-announced EV infrastructure venture, MERGE Electric Fleet Solutions.  Learn more about MERGE at https://mergefleet.com/.

EV Industry Veteran, Glen Stancil, and Pickering Energy Partners Launch MERGE Electric Fleet Solutions, a Fleet Electrification Service and Finance Company

MERGE combines decades of sought-after electrification expertise with the energy finance capabilities of PEP to deliver electrification solutions for vehicle fleets HOUSTON (May 3, 2021) – Pickering Energy Partners (PEP), a Houston-based energy financial services firm, formally announces the launch of MERGE Electric Fleet Solutions (MERGE), a new operating company that will provide fleet operators…
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Are We in An Energy Transition?

Today, we’re improving, expanding and redefining the way that we power our world through energy. Our ever-evolving relationship with energy spans millions of years and our society will always look for ways to maximize resources and energy outputs. Where we’ve been will help us see what comes next in the energy transition. At Pickering Energy…
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