Pickering Energy Partners to Collaborate with CCS Expert, Rick Mauro, Enhancing Technical Consulting Services for Clients

Houston, Texas – February 1, 2024 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Pickering Energy Partners (PEP) is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with energy veteran, Rick Mauro, aimed at supporting clients in carbon sequestration and methane mitigation efforts.  Given the evolving regulatory landscape and its increasing emphasis on stringent measures for methane mitigation and measurement, the need for technical assistance to reduce emissions is more crucial than ever. Through this partnership, the PEP ESG Consulting team’s clients will have access to comprehensive strategic and technical consulting services, covering a broader spectrum of environmental and sustainability needs.

Rick brings substantial energy transition and oil and gas expertise to the team, acquired through his career at Halliburton and Mobil Oil. With a background in geology, Rick has hands-on experience in diverse operational settings, including onshore and offshore assets in North America, Australia, Asia Pacific, and Kuwait. His technical proficiency is complemented by the strategic expertise gained while advising client teams at Halliburton subsidiary Landmark Services Line and Decision Strategies.

“Rick’s extensive work with constituents across multiple organizational levels, from operations to executive management, brings a versatile and well-informed viewpoint to our projects,” noted Dan Romito, head of PEP ESG Consulting. “Our goal is to offer energy-focused clients a well-rounded and technically proficient approach to ESG benchmarking and reporting.”

The collaboration between PEP and Rick Mauro underscores the shared commitment to service the operational and strategic reporting needs of firm clients. Rick’s addition enhances PEP’s expertise and further ensures clients are well-prepared to navigate the challenges presented by an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Pickering Energy Partners LP (“PEP”) is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Affiliated PEP Advisory LLC (“PEP BD”) is a registered broker-dealer, member FINRA/SIPC.

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