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Pickering Energy Partners Announces MERGE

Dan joins CNBC’s Kelly Evans to discuss PEP’s newly-announced EV infrastructure venture, MERGE Electric Fleet Solutions.  Learn more about MERGE at https://mergefleet.com/.

Energy Outlook Under a Biden Administration

Dan joins CNBC’s Brian Sullivan to discuss the new administration’s energy plan and the investment opportunities around it.

Dan Pickering on CNBC’s The Exchange

Dan joins CNBC’s Kelly Evans to discuss the state of today’s oil markets and the future of the industry.

Oil Prices Plummet

Dan Pickering joins Kelly Evans on CNBC to discuss the slide in oil prices

Oil Prices Go Negative

Dan Pickering joins Fox Business News host Melissa Francis to discuss the record low prices of U.S. oil.

Market Perspective: Dan Pickering on Truths, Consequences and Energy Investing

“The people who are going to save this industry are not going to be OPEC or Trump. It’s going to be the industry itself,” Dan Pickering, founder and chief investment officer of Pickering Energy Partners, says. Read More

U.S. Oil Drops Below $2 Per Barrel

Dan Pickering talks with David Westin about historically low oil prices and what can be done about this supply and demand problem.

Oil Execs Meet with Trump as OPEC Continues Talks on Supply

Dan Pickering joins Melissa Francis on Fox Business News to discuss the current state of the oil industry and why we need to reduce global supply.

Best Investing Opportunity Since 1986 Emerges in Energy Markets

CNBC’s Kelly Evans breaks down energy markets with CNBC’s Brian Sullivan and Dan Pickering of Pickering Energy Partners. Read More

Energy Sector Holding Up Best in Down Market

Dan Pickering discusses what we’re seeing in the markets today with Kelly Evans on CNBC’s The Exchange.