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The Pickering Energy Partners (PEP) team has an established track record of unbiased and honest advice, and deep-rooted experience in the energy & oil sector through robust and turbulent markets. Our experience provides clients with the confidence to navigate volatile capital markets, make sense of the rapidly changing ESG landscape and position your company for the best chances of success.

When the Stakes are High, We Can Help



With an extensive background in both public and private market investing, PEP has a deep bench and network that can help you understand and plan investment activities in any market. Significant price volatility across commodities and equities markets has drastically impacted public and private energy portfolios in recent months, making the need for reviews more important than ever. PEP has a proven track record of helping institutional investors shed light on opaque portfolio holdings, determine plans to rationalize, rebalance or reallocate positions, and provide ongoing portfolio monitoring and analytical services.


Our approach to portfolio management is guided by discipline and an analytical mindset. Utilizing our market expertise, we can assess your asset portfolio to identify operational inefficiencies, potential acquisitions or divestiture opportunities, and high-return growth capital projects that position your team for success.


PEP has deep internal expertise to support your company in an acquisition, divestiture, equity or debt financing process. Our firm assesses risk prudently and appropriately through the lens of a private equity investor. We approach each opportunity through meaningful due diligence and seek to understand key areas of growth and challenges. Through this process, we develop a set of goals in order to meet our clients’ objectives.



As the ESG landscape continues to evolve, PEP can advise companies on collecting, collating, and messaging critical pieces of ESG data to an executive and investor focused audience. Our team can help you build the tools necessary to evaluate, on an ongoing basis, relevant ESG metrics to include emissions reductions, waste, resources used, and man hours needed and avoided.


As ESG issues get more and more focus in the boardroom and executive offices, operators and service providers are increasingly forced to incorporate ESG metrics into sales pitches, fundraises and transaction due diligence. PEP can guide your company through the critical task of translating the data collected into quantifiable metrics that will highlight your ESG story clearly to all your relevant audiences.


With our knowledge of industry best practices, our team can advise clients through long-term ESG planning by identifying potential challenges, as well as implementing response measures and next steps for success. Through analysis of your company’s position and investor audience, we can help you determine the best path forward for your business because we believe doing right can co-exist with doing well.

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PEP is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor located in Houston, Texas. PEP does not provide corporate advisory or investment banking services on energy-related transactions.