Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Creating Value Through Responsible Investing

At Pickering Energy Partners, we believe a focus on environment, social and corporate governance creates better returns, a more rigorous investment decision making process and a preferred partner to the energy community.


PEP believes responsible, safe and efficient use of natural resources is critical to being a successful investor and corporate citizen. We will consider historical environmental performance of a company and relevant records of the management team, where applicable, during diligence of new investments.

We will seek to implement operational, environmental, health and safety best practices at our portfolio companies. We will seek, to the extent possible, to ensure portfolio companies fully comply or exceed compliance with all relevant environmental and regulatory guidelines. In cases where environment diligence is applicable, we will document any considered issues, potential remedies and next steps, if any.

We will always monitor, and maintain ongoing documentation of any identified issues. Where these issues are material, PEP will work with portfolio company management and other relevant stakeholders (including majority shareholders) to address the issues and put a corrective plan in place.


PEP respects all human rights. We will recruit, hire, retain and treat all employees and stakeholders fairly and without prejudice regardless of gender, age, race, ethnic or national origin, socioeconomic status, religion or disability. We support the payment of competitive wages and benefits to employees, and will provide a safe and healthy workplace in conformance with national and local law.

We will always strive to engage all communities in which it conducts activities, as well as the communities of our portfolio companies, to understand and consider all points of view.


We are committed to maintaining a strong reputation through diligence, honesty, fairness and transparency, and will encourage portfolio companies and stakeholders to advance these same principles in a manner that is consistent with fiduciary duties.

We will seek to ensure all portfolio companies have governance frameworks in place to ensure appropriate compliance with the principles set forth herein, as well as with all applicable laws, regulations and best practices.