Our Team

Rick Mauro

Collaborative Partner

Rick Mauro is a collaborative partner at Pickering Energy Partners focused on Energy Transition, Oil and Gas, methane mitigation, and low carbon strategies. Over the course of his career, Rick has applied his expertise in advising operators and service companies in developing carbon storage, asset development, and exploration.

Prior to working with Pickering, Rick led Halliburton's North American CCS efforts, and is well-versed in all aspects of CO2 sequestration, from navigating EPA and state regulations to well design and project execution. Rick brings over 30 years of diverse expertise in oil and gas exploration starting with Mobil Oil through to field development and energy transition with Halliburton. While at Mobil, Rick led exploration teams in the Gulf of Mexico and Australia’s Northwest Shelf. During his tenure at Halliburton, he spearheaded the first major unconventional exploration and development project in Kuwait, leading to multi-fold production increase in a tight oil-bearing formation. With the Low Carbon and Landmark Services Lines at Halliburton, Rick led consulting and delivery activities for clients addressing CO2 and methane mitigation. Rick holds a BA in Geology from the University of Rochester.

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